▌Wagon tracking

TRL has a computerized wagon tracking system which is connected to the internet. On request customers can be provided with user ID’s and passwords for connecting into the ACIS website in order to track their wagons. The information is always updated.



TRL has special facilities i.e flat bed and open wagons to handle containers traffic in the line with ISO (TEU standards)e.g. CCBs, LSBs, HLBs etc. In order to facilitate a speedy interchange of transit containers, Ilala container Terminal has been established at Ilala Goods Shed Dar es Salaam.



Telephone, Fax links and radio calls.
Advance Cargo information System – the rail tracker (A computerized cargo tracking system)


▌New Wagon Allocation System

Improves on wagon availability book allocations in advance thus eliminating on spot demand congestion.


▌Transshipment Services

Goods from to TAZARA system can be transshipped from to TRL system at Dar es Salaam Port and Kidatu. A transshipment facility at Kidatu operated by TARC facilitates business between East Africa and SADCC countries.