▌ Domestic Traffic

Cover movement of goods within Tanzania including its exports and imports.


▌ Transit traffic

Cover movement of goods from/to neighborhood landlocked countries of Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. A ferry services, the M.V Umoja on Lake Victoria connects to Uganda , Kigoma connects to Burundi and the DRC  via ships and barges.


▌ Routing  options

Dar es Salaam – Mwanza         All cargo, petroleum products.

Dar es Salaam – Kigoma          All cargo, petroleum products.

Dar es Salaam – Isaka              All cargo

Urambo – Morogoro/Pugu        Tobacco and Livestock

Dar es Salaam – Tabora           Tobacco, Timber, Fertilizer and petroleum products


Pongwe – Mwanza                     Cement

Mwanza – Dodoma/DSM          Food Grains

Shinyanga/Bukwimba/Dar         Cotton, Cotton cakes and cotton seeds


Service Attributes

  • Advanced Cargo Information System
  • Block Train Operations
  • Containerization
  • Isaka Dry port
  • Private Storage facilities
  • Transshipment Services