Tanzania Railways Limited covers all over the Tanzania. There are 5 lines along with the Central line.


Map of Tanzania which Show only Main Railways Stations.




Starts at Dar es Salaam Railway station to Kigoma Railway Station, covering the distance of 1254km. It passes through many station which among them include Ruvu , Kingulwira, Morogoro , Kilosa , Dodoma , Makutupora, Manyoni, Tura, Tabora, Kaliua, Kombe , Nguruka and Luiche. The construction of central line started at Dar es Salaam in 1905 and reached Kigoma in 1914. The Central line is the main line for transportation of passengers and freight to and from central and western regions of Tanzania. It is also the main transportation railway line for international traffic to and from neighboring countries such as Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.


Tanga Railway Line starts at Tanga Railway station to Arusha Railway station. It is the oldest railway line. It covers the distance of 437 km Construction of Tanga Railway line starts in Tanga Railway station in 1893 and reached Arusha Railway station in 1929. The stations which Tanga Railway line passes starting from Tanga Railway station include Muheza , Korogwe Mombo, Mkomazi , Makanya, Moshi and Kikuletwa. The Tanga railway line is famous for transportation of freight in northern regions of Tanzania. The freight includes cement and minerals such as Gypsum.


Links the central line at Ruvu junction station to Tanga line at Mruazi junction. It was constructed in 1963. It covers 187.75km and is used in transportation of freight to/from Northern Regions of Tanzania. The freight includes fuel, maize, millet and timber. So me of stations in link line are Usigwa, Wami, Gendagenda , na Mkalamo.


mwanza The Mwanza Railway line starts at Tabora Railways station and ends at Mwanza Railway station. The distance covered by this railway line is 378 km. Its construction started at Tabora in 1923 and ended in Mwanza in 1928. Some of stations in Mwanza Railway line from Tabora Railway station include Kakola, Isaka ,Shinyanga and Mwanza Railway station. Among the important features of Mwanza Railway line include:

  • Transportation of domestic traffic to/ from Musoma , Bukoba , Nansio Mwanza and Local ports of Lake Victoria.
  • Transportation of International freight to Isaka Dry Port which is then delivered to the countries such as Rwanda and Northern Democratic of Congo.


mpanda Kaliua – Mpanda branch line branches from the central line at Kaliua Railway station to Mpanda Railway station. It covers the distance of 210km. The construction of Kaliua – Mpanda railway line reached Mpanda in 1949. Some of the stations in Kaliua –Mpanda Branch line include Kaliua, Uyumbu, Lumbe, Katumba and Mpanda railway station. Kaliua –Mpanda branch line is used in the transportation of Passengers and freight to/from Rukwa region .The freight include cement, timber, logs, fuel and livestock.


singida Manyoni – Singida Branch line branches from the central line at Manyoni Railway station to Singida Railway station . It covers the distance of 115km. Its construction started at Manyoni in 1932 and completed at Singida in 1934. The line was uprooted in 1950’s and reconstructed between 1985 and 1997. Manyoni –Singida Branch line is famous in the transportation of Passengers and freight between Manyoni and Singida. The freight include livestock, cotton cake and maize.