TRL is the company which offer transport service in Tanzania.

The following are among of the service offered by TRL

1. Passenger Train Services

  •  Upcountry Train service
  • Commuter Train
  • Deluxe Train Service — this is new services offered by TRL

The Deluxe service will play to both routes Dar es Salaam- Mwanza and Kigoma and Back once a week. it will be an additional services to make three passenger service in a week Since the running of this service will involve a quite substantial amount of cost, therefore TRL is compelled to prepare a new Tariff which will correspond with the cost of running the intended service.

This Train service has an exceptional features:-

  • Stop only at selected 14 Major and Medium stations on both DSM -MZA  and DSM – KGM
  • Strict occupancy limitation, One passenger one seat basis. No standing Passenger
  • Punctuality driven Service
  • Shortened Travel Time, Strictly Maximum of 35 Hours, DSM – MWZ and DSM – KGM


2. Goods Train Services

  • Domestic Traffic — this cover movement of goods with Tanzania including it’s export and imports
  • Transit Traffic –Cover movement of goods from/ to Neighborhood landlocked countries of Burundi, Ruwanda, Uganda,Congo and Zambia