Tanzania Railways Limited (TRL) was established on 25th May 2007 and started its operations on 1st October 2007 under the ownership of RITES of India and the Government of Tanzania through 51% and 49% shareholding respectively. As of now TRL is fully owned by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania at 100% shareholding since 22nd July 2011.


▌ Mission

To provide cost effective, dependable secure and efficient rail transport services to our customers in Tanzania as well as in other neighboring countries.


▌ Vision

To be the most competitive customer oriented transport organization in East Africa Region.


▌ Value Statements

1 Customer: To TRL a customer is a business partner and always right.

2 Employee: To provide a condusive working atmosphere, training communication for employees to get their best into work.

3 Shareholder: To be responsible company, giving best value for their investment

4 Environment: To advocate at all times protection of the environment in which it operates.